Regarding BearExtender and iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility

Many have asked us about using BearExtender to increase Wi-Fi range of iPad and iOS devices.

At this time, BearExtender cannot be used directly with these devices.
This is because iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch does not have a standard USB port.

The Good News
It is possible to use BearExtender in conjunction with a nearby Mac to re-broadcast a Wi-Fi signal for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

How to increase Wi-Fi range of iPad or iPhone with BearExtender

With the help of a nearby Mac, you can share BearExtender’s stronger signal with your iPad or iOS device.
This will boost the Wi-Fi range of your iPad, allowing you to use iPad further away from wireless networks and access points.

Here’s how it works
1. Connect BearExtender to a nearby Mac
2. Activate Internet Sharing on your Mac
3. BearExtender will boost the faint Wi-Fi signal coming to your Mac, then re-broadcast it to your iOS device using your internal AirPort card.

Full instructions and system requirements >>

Connection Example

Wi-Fi Router <---Increased distance---> BearExtender attached to Mac <-> iPad

In ideal outdoor, line of sight conditions, the increased distance can reach up to 1,000 ft.

Step by step Video Guide

Watch this short video to learn how to boost the Wi-Fi range of your iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch.


• iPad
• iPad 2
• iPhone 3G
• iPhone 4
• iPod Touch (all generations)
• Other Wi-Fi equipped Macs and Windows computers

What about the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit?

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit does feature a USB port, but recent updates to iPhone OS limit power output over the port to 20 mA, far below power requirements for BearExtender and many other USB devices.

BearExtender requires a minimum of 450 mA to operate. A standard high speed USB port supplies 500 mA.


This page last updated on 6/18/2011